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Team Canada

Many of us have amazing experiences that we rarely document properly. This was my attempt to document the experiences of the athletes and coaches while attending the 2014 International Cheer Union World Championships. This is my way of giving back to the program as it has given me two amazing gold medal experiences that I otherwise would have never had. I would like to thank Doug for letting me tag along for the amazing ride. A big thanks also goes out to all of the athletes for letting me take pictures of them while they were not at their most glamorous!

To do this project I volunteered many hours of my time both at the competition and afterwards. Please tag me on any social media sites when you repost these photos, if you thought that I did an awesome job then give me a review on Facebook or give me a shout out on Twitter. I am also on Instagram so by all means tag me.

If you want to share these pictures with your friends and family there is a SHARE button in any of the galleries on the bottom left of the main picture. This will take the photo and post it to whatever social media site you choose. All of the photos have been made available for download via RIGHT CLICKING on the picture in the galleries. If you want to purchase prints or full size downloads click the BUY button.

I have also tagged about half of the 25,000 faces in the pictures and they are accessible via the links below or via the search below. If you click on a name you will see the pictures that person is in. This is not comprehensive as there were a lot of pictures and my eyes were going buggy trying to tell people apart. For those Team Canada Alumni out there I have loaded up the 2011 and 2013 pictures as well. Feel free to take a stroll down memory lane. 

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me via the contact link above or through Facebook.

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